People are investing money for websites. There are bloggers making good money with the sites. Even the companies and big organisations have their websites. Now, selecting the domain name is a vital process. You can get various suffix such as .com, .in, .edu, .gov etc.You have to select the appropriate variation for the right purpose. For example if your site is related to education, you must select .edu variation.

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Similarly the government organizations availing a website would select .edu. Backlinks plays an important role in lifting your site ranking in Google search engine. You must look for top gov &.edu sites. Registering on those sites can give you the backlinks easily.

Backlinks for SEO purpose

You will get different types of backlinks. It can be both high quality as well as low quality. Google is such a search engine that encourages the black links that directly comes from the gov &.edu sites. As a result, the ranking will be among the top list.  The domain name with .edu at the end means the website belongs to some of the education institutes.

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When the education is concerned, it will be authentic. Also the .gov sites have a wider valuation. It belongs to government sector and thus carries a great value. Since these backlinks does not belong to any of the profit making organisations, people considers it for proper information. They also have a view that all the information furnished in such sites are true and trustworthy.

Search for the list of gov and edu sites

You can now increase your ranking in alexia through these edu and gov website links. Valid resource is provided by such educational and government sector sites. It is now a big question about how to find the gov&.edu sites. For many of us, the process is really tricky. Following are some of the terms which you must write in the google search engine.

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Once you have put them in search engine, you can easily start the process of building backlinks. This process is really wonderful to provide top rank of your site in the google search engine list. You definitely wish to see your site among the first top 10.

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The backlinks building is an effective process for this purpose. Try this today and see your site up in the search engine list.