SEO Friendly Website Design

One of the common mistakes committed by most of the developers while designing a website is adding flash movies, streaming audio and other attractive elements to a website. A developer thinks adding these elements to a website will help in achieving top SEO rankings, but the fact is that these elements degrades the website rankings to a huge extent. Even the trending SEO marketing strategies and posting relevant and useful content on the website will not help you out in such cases.

So, it is important for a developer to opt for an SEO friendly website design as it will help him in getting full credits for his efforts. ,, which will further help your site to climb the ladder for the top SEO website rankings.

SEO friendly website design

What is SEO friendly website design?

Keeping things simple and adding a lot of keywords to the website make your website SEO friendly. Adding more keywords to a website will make it easy for the user to find the appropriate content, when he searches for the specific keyword on a search engine.

So, that’s it? Adding relevant and trending keywords will help you to divert more traffic? The answer to this commonly asked question is, YES. Utilizing the keywords to bring more traffic to the website is the primary goal of an SEO friendly website design and the only way to achieve this goal is by adding relevant keywords.

Importance of SEO friendly website design

  • Be a friend with search engine:

40-65% of the website traffic comes from the search engines and if your website SEO rankings are low, then it is extremely difficult for a website to divert more traffic. However, by design an SEO friendly website, you can easily make your website a great friend of search engine, which will definitely help in increasing traffic and improving SEO rankings.

  • Quality web page design:

One of the major benefits of an SEO friendly website is that it speaks of a quality web page design as it free from the detractive elements such as flash images and many more, which are the responsible for the website downfall. A quality webpage will definitely reflect your brand values and will help you in gaining valuable customers.

  • User friendly:

Every developer dreams of designing a user friendly website. If you simply focus on designing a website, which is SEO friendly, you can easily achieve the objective of designing a user friendly website. An SEO friendly website will tell you to target the keywords by using content and Meta tags, which will make the website quick to download the content and simple for the user to navigate and download the content.

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