Podcast Submission Sites

Some people might have heard the term ‘Podcast’ for the first time. Let me clear the fact today. Podcast is the name given to a digital audio file. It is normally available on internet. It can be easily downloaded to your PC or your smart phone.

You can download it and listen the same in through your portable media player. Today most of the businessmen are dealing with these types of audio files to earn profit. If you can post it to the Podcast Submission Sites, the effect will be really beneficial.

List of Podcast submission sites

You can now find variety of podcast submission sites in the internet world. Let us list some of them as under:
















You can now visit all these sites and load your Podcast here. The individuals or group registered with these sites will definitely have a view of your submission. Once it is submitted to Podcast Submission Sites, no one can stop you to gain visitors to your site.

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Podcast Submission Sites

Steps to launch your podcast

It is really important to know the steps with the help of which you can launch your podcast. We are going to discuss some steps related to it.

  • Firstly you have to make your first step strong with the quality content.
  • Now, you have to submit the podcast with back date again
  • You also need to think and make the episode titles really attractive. It should be so effective that people must view the podcast several times

Multiple episodes for podcast

It is really important to make your podcast special and happening. For this you need to launch the multiple episodes. You will be able to get more search engine optimisation result with numerous episodes.

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It is better to launch new episode each day or in few days as people wants new from you always. They cannot just end up with viewing the same episode several times. This will give a strong commitment to the content that is existing.

People will become more anxious to view your shows if they are with an impression that you are going to provide them with something new every time. People will be more interested in your shows. Submission to Podcast Submission Sites have wider impact on your revenue generation.