Instagram Marketing is becoming popular day and day and as a result more than 300 million users have already signed up with this Social media sharing site. Many companies are using this site as a marketing platform to promote their businesses. However, a company can witness no improvement if they commit some common marketing mistakes. Let’s have a look at some of the major mistakes which you should not commit in order to avail maximum benefits.

instagram marketing mistakes

Not using hash tags

  • One of the common mistakes made by users is not using hash tags. Hash tags play an important role on this social networking site as they describe the picture in the best possible way. So, you must use hash tags along with the photo to provide a brief description of the photo which will help the followers to easily understand the motto behind the picture.

Not following other relevant users

  • Another common mistake made by many marketers is not following other relevant users. A user cannot obtain maximum benefits unless one is following other relevant users too. Instagram is quite different from other social networking sites as you are dependent on other users too for obtaining success. So, find relevant users through hash tags or pages and must follow them to obtain positive results.

Not responding to comments

  • You must respond to every single comment made on your photo in order to stay connected with your followers. Ignoring their comments will affect your popularity as many followers will dislike you and as a result unfollow you on this social site. So, respond to each and every comment made on your photo no matter whether it is a positive or negative one in order to stay connected with your followers.

Over/under posting media

  • If you want to survive on Instagram then you need to post perfect amount of data. If you are posting too many or less photos, then people will lose their interest in your profile. Posting too many photos will make your followers feel they are being spammed and posting fewer photos will make your followers fell that you have forgeten them. So, post accurate amount of data so that your followers find it suitable and doesn’t lose interest in you.

Posting unattractive and low quality images

  • Last but the most common mistake which you should never commit on Instagram is posting unattractive and low quality images. Firstly, you should never post an unattractive image as it will leave a negative impression on your follower’s mind which will directly affect your brand awareness in a negative way. Secondly, never post a low quality image. There are several photo editors which can improve the quality of the image, so filter your image and make sure it is of best quality before posting it on your profile.

These are some of the terrible mistakes which can completely affect your performance on this social site. Avoid these mistakes, so that your marketing plan based on this social site is executed efficiently.


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