Meta tags are bits of content that depict a page’s substance. The Meta tags are an imperative part of the HTML code of the website page. They are perused by the web indexes yet are not showed as a piece of your page content. For the most part, they incorporate a synopsis of the website page substance and you ought to incorporate your important catchphrases in them. Most Meta labels are incorporated into the header HTML code of a site.


Meta description tag

Meta Description Tags

The description tag ought to be composed in such way that it will indicate what data your site contains or what your site is about. Compose short and clear sentences that won’t befuddle your guests. The description tag ought to be fewer than 200 characters. The Meta description tag likewise has an extraordinary significance for the Search engine optimization streamlining of your page. It is essential for the prospect guest when taking a look at the web crawler result page this tag is frequently shown there and helps you to recognize your website from the others in the rundown. Once more, utilize one or a greater amount of your most critical catchphrases in that tag.

Meta keyword tag

meta keyword tag

Recently, the Meta keyword tag has turned into the minimum essential tag for the web indexes and particularly Google. Numerous sites have quit including keyword Meta labels. Yahoo! Says, they utilize the Keyword Meta Tag when it positions a page. Henceforth it bodes well to include one for Yahoo! also; some other minor web search tools that still utilize it as explained in Keyword research for seo.

Robots Meta tag

This label helps you to indicate the way your site will be slithered by the inquiry engine. Please note that the vast majority of the web index crawlers will list your page gazing from the list page, proceeding to whatever remains of the pages, regardless of the fact that you don’t have a robot tag. So on the off chance that you wish your page not to be slithered or to be crept distinctively utilizes the suitable robot tag.


  • Use equivalent words.
  • You can rehash a word as many numbers of time, the length of every time it is a piece of an alternate expression.
  • Use interesting catchphrases.
  • No compelling reason to rehash any given expression.


  • Utilize an alternate Meta depiction tag for every page, as every page is distinctive and stands a superior possibility of being found in the event that you put a decent title and portrayal on it.
  • Use catchphrases in your Meta depiction tag.
  • Do whatever it takes not to rehash the words excessively regularly, but rather attempt to utilize numerous grammars of your watchwords.
  • There ought not to be more than 150 characters in a depiction Meta tag of a solitary website page like in web designing company.



Meta tags do help in Search engine optimization, however, not every one of them and not constantly. On the off chance that you need to see if a given page is utilizing Meta labels, simply right-click anyplace on the page and select Perspective Page Source. Another tab will open in Chrome and in Firefox; it’ll be a pop-up window. The part at the top, or head of the page, is the place the Meta labels could be. Meta labels aren’t difficult to actualize yourself you don’t generally require a software engineer, only some involvement with HTML.