When it comes to the right type of SEO, keywords are still considered as one of the most important elements. Without proper keyword placement, it is little difficult to rank higher. Earlier it was short keywords which became popular but the latest trend these days is to opt for long-tail keywords. Yes, you heard it right, long tail keywords.

benefit of long tail keywords

Most of the blog owners or online marketers have got lot of questions in their mind related to such type of keywords and why is it important to integrate such keywords with blog posts? Well, to find out the true answer to this important question let us read the below mentioned content in detail.

Go for a detailed research with your long-tail keywords

  • The first and the foremost important thing to do are to go for a detailed research with the targeted long-tail keywords. People these days search for their favourite things by inserting such keywords.
  • For example, Instead of searching for SEO, people can be seen searching best search engine strategies 2016. Hence, make sure to prepare a list of such high traffic long tail keywords and include them on your website.
  • Search Engine Optimization is still rocking but you need to have a patience of at least 5 to 6 months. If you cannot wait for that long then simply look for some other career option. Yes, I am blunt with my words but it is the truth that I am speaking.

You cannot succeed without content objective in place

  • What is your content objective? Well, this is one of the most important questions to ask yourself and find a true answer to this question. On-page keyword usage is one such important thing that it can make or break your traffic strategy. You need to set a specific and achievable content marketing goal. It can only be achieved by building a rapport as well as trust with readers. When you use the click and bait strategy make sure to target relevant and potential customers.

content objective

  • The pain faced by these customers or so called prospects should be explored properly as people look for detailed answers to their questions as well as doubts.
  • Building a positive and encouraging reputation with major search engines is of prime importance and it can only be achieved by posting genuine and high quality content.

Headlines with long-tail keywords can work wonders

  • Creating a catchy headline with targeted keyword is one of the best strategies. Make sure to pay special attention so that a generic one can be outperformed. For example: this long tail keyword “start a foodie blog” can be included in the title like this “How to start a foodie blog and make it popular?

Apart from the above said strategies, you can also opt for things such as keyword planner tools, conversion rate optimization online software tools and checklists.

The above said tips will help you with the following:

  • Incentivised link will start pouring in
  • Positive contribution and participation will take place
  • Search engine algorithms will reward you with higher rankings
  • It will make your blog or website more popular
  • You will be able to gain sizeable amount of online traffic that can be tracked with tracking tools


Finally, it is all about positive approach and logical thinking. Good content alone cannot ensure success

long tail keywords. vs content

as you have to do intelligent things such as inserting of long tail keyword. Or, create content with targeted tail keywords in mind. Times have changed and it is mandatory to keep yourself updated with latest trends so that you can stay ahead in this tough and competitive race for more organic traffic.


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