An update for app is being released after few months or weeks as all the bugs in the previous version are being fixed. Updated version of the app is much better than the previous features as all the errors are fixed as well as some new features are also unlocked.With updates coming in weeks or months, it’s difficult to check for update every day. The best solution to update the apps is to use auto updating apps through google play store. This feature will automatically update the app, whenever an update is available. Let’s have a look at the procedure to auto-update apps through Google Play store:

  • First of all, open Google play store on your smart phone.
  • Now go to menu and open settings.
  • Under general settings, you will see an option ‘auto update apps’. Under this option, three more options will be shown. Here are those options explained in detail.

auto updating apps

Option- Do not auto-update apps
  • This option means, Google play store will never install the update automatically. You need to manually install the app update if available.
Option-Auto-update apps at any time
  • By enabling this option, Google play store will automatically install the app update whenever an internet connection i.e. Wi-Fi or cellular data is available. If you are connected to a Wi-Fi network, then this option will update the app using Wi-Fi otherwise use your cellular data.
Option-Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only
  • Like the second option, this option will also automatically install the app update but only when your smart phone is connected to a secure Wi-Fi connection. If your smart phone is having internet connection from mobile network or any other source, then this option will not update the app.

Select the appropriate option according to your convenience. However, selecting “Auto-update apps at any time” should be your first preference because; it will not wait for a Wi-Fi connection if your cellular data is turned ‘on’ and update the app whenever an update is available. This means as soon as an update is available on Google play store your app is updated.

This is the simplest method to auto update apps from Google play store. There are numerous benefits which can be enjoyed by auto-updating apps through play store. Let’s have a look at some of the major benefits of auto updating apps:

Stay away from out-dated apps
  • The foremost benefit of auto-updating apps is that you are always running the latest version of the app which means you can access all its features. Running an updated app will allow you to explore all the features and also fix the issues you were facing in the previous versions.
Save your precious time
  • Everyone knows, ‘Time is money’. Auto-updating apps will save you lot of time as you do not have to look for the update of all apps again and again. Whenever an update of any app in your smart phone is available, Google play store will automatically start the updating process.

These are some of the major benefits of auto updating apps. So, enable ‘auto-update apps’ in Google play store settings to avail all these benefits.



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