Facebook is the most popular social networking site which allows the users to exchange messages, views, photos and many more. Earlier, a user can only hit like on the post if it seems to be an attractive one. If the post was boring, then a user neglect it or comment on the post to express one’s view. But now, Facebook is planning to release the ‘dislike’ button. With the help of this button, a user does not need to make a comment as by clicking on the dislike button, one’s view will be clearly expressed.

Within few months after the launch of Facebook, users of this social networking site demanded a dislike button. After few years, Facebook has finally started working on this and is planning to release the button in few months. So, now people who feel shy to comment on posts can express their views by hitting the like or dislike button.

Should Facebook release dislike button?

  • Not every user is happy with the release of dislike button as some users think that this will allow the users to down vote one another. Moreover, some users believe that this button can lead to fights between the users as no user likes one’s posts to be disliked. Apart from negative points, dislike button also possesses some positive points such as expressing true feelings about the post. A user will definitely feel bad after viewing the dislikes on the posts, but at the same time it will also motivate him to post some good posts in future.

When will dislike button be released?

  • Recently an event occurred at Facebook headquarters where the CEO of the social site announced that the company has started working on the dislike button. However, he did not mention the exact date of the release, but it’s expected to be released in coming few months.

Dislike button is not only the single update on which Facebook is working on. There are several other exciting updates which are under process. Let’s have a look at some of the features on which Facebook is working on:

  • According to sources, Facebook is working on a mobile app which will allow the users to watch 360 degrees videos i.e. a user will be able to watch videos from different angles by tilting the phone.
  • The company is working on receipts too. With the help of this feature, a user will be able to know the users who have not seen your event invite and the users who are neglecting it.

These are some of the new features on which Facebook is working on. These features are at their early stage and the release date of these features is not decided yet, but it is expected to be released very soon. Once, these features are out Facebook will receive a tremendous applause from its users which will definitely affect its popularity. So, wait for few months in order to get access to some exciting features of Facebook.

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