Cortana is now available for Android users. Microsoft has launched the beta version of Cortana for Android which can be downloaded by users. However, now only US smart phone users can download it but later on every Android user will be able to download it. Let’s have a look at some of the important features of Cortana on Android Beta Version.

Cortana for android

Search anything with your voice

  • One of the exciting features of Cortana is that an Android user can search anything on the smart phone. A user can either search for files present in the device storage or from the internet. The app will search for files as soon as the user gives the command and find the accurate files. This app uses Bing search engine to search for files over the internet.

Make calls and messages

  • With the help of Cortana app, you can make calls and messages through your voice only. You have to just give a command through the app and the app will get the job done for you. Moreover, you can use the app to manage e-mails. With the help of this app, you can simply compose an e-mail as well as read mails from different users.

Set up reminders

  • You can set up reminders for specific tasks and the app will notify you. This might look like an ordinary feature but actually it is the striking feature of Cortana app. For example; if you have set up a reminder to pick up pickles from the grocery store, then the app will notify you whenever you visit a grocery store. So, install the app from the Google play store and set up reminders to get the tasks completed.

Get directions

  • A user can get directions for any place through the app. The best part about this feature is that, a user does not have to type the destination. A user has to just give a voice command to look for a place and the app will get directions for it.

Stay updated with current news

  • The app will get all the important news from all over the world, so that a user is well aware with the activities going on in the world. There are several news categories, you can select your favourites and the app will get news of those categories only.

Keep your Android smart phone up to date

  • The Cortana app will inform you whenever an update for your Android smart phone is available. In short, this app will make sure your smart phone is up to date so that the smart phone user can enjoy all the new features.

These are some of the important features of Cortana app. However, all the features of Cortana will not be available to Android users but still the Android users can make best use of the available features. They can use this app to rack their orders, flights and other important tasks. So, download this app from Google play store as soon as possible to avail maximum benefits.


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