website SEO

There are several critical areas for website SEO but some of them are the most important. Once you have launched your website and have done the basic Search Engine Optimisation on the site, it is important to go through all the loops holes possible to ensure your website is fully optimised for search engines to crawl on.

There are a few important areas which you might have overlooked, and which are very critical. Here are those 4 important points which are critical for optimising your website –

  1. User Sitemap

A sitemap is basically an index which consists of all the pages available on your website from the About Us section to the articles and the Contact Us section. Every page is documented in this sitemap. There are basically two types of sitemaps –

XML Sitemap
This sitemap is used by search engines to crawl your web pages and content during optimisation. There are different plugins available online for generating an XML sitemap which you can submit directly from your website back-end dashboard as well.

HTML sitemap

This sitemap is used by the website visitors and users to find the types of articles on your website. There are various categories that you can divide your content and articles into such as chronologically, type of content (such as health, beauty, shopping, tech etc.), archives etc.
website SEO

2. Page Speed

The loading time of your website is very important in Search Engine Optimization. If your webpage loads in less than 4 seconds, it has better search rankings and results and get more page visits and conversions.

There are a lot of different SEO services in India provided by agencies where they can analyse your problems areas and fix the same. Most common problems arise with the file sizes especially the image sizes. Unnecessary plugins further add to the delay in page speed.

3. Plagiarism Free and Fresh Content

A lot of websites copy content from other webpages in order to rank on the first pages of Google search. This is the worst thing that you will ever do to your website. Google search bots crawl all the websites and generally ban websites with plagiarised content. This means that your website will never show up in search!

Content is definitely king in the digital world and it is important to ensure you are putting out fresh content regularly with the SEO keywords included in it. Agencies providing SEO services in India ensure all the content created for websites is checked for plagiarism before publishing.
on page SEO

4. Responsive Website Designs
In today’s world, everyone is using their smart phones for shopping, entertainment, emails etc. This has eliminated the need to specifically surf the internet on a computer to watch movies or shop online.

You need to ensure that your website is mobile friendly and responsive on different device sizes such as tablets, iPads, smartphones etc. You can also check your Google analytics to find the devices used by the users who are visiting your website. These days, a lot of free and paid templates on WordPress have responsive designs in-built in them.