responsive web design

With each passing year the concepts of web design are changing rapidly. Responsive web design is gaining popularity day by day in web design world as it gives users a good screening experience no matter what kind of device a person is using.

It has been gaining importance since last few years as today people are moving fast towards mobile devices and the sales of traditional PC have slowed down. Now people can easily access to Google from their mobiles therefore it is necessary for the web designers to make their website mobile friendly by using responsive web design.

responsive web design

The back story:

Soon after the launch of the iPhone the trend of designing separate website for mobile phone increases as people will more likely to use mobile devices for using their required site instead of a desktop computer.

If we see it from development perspective, it looks much easier while on the other hand, there are a lot of drawbacks in it. The drawback includes, increase in maintenance cost, design and maintain separate websites for SEO rankings and also the designers have to spend double time in building different sites for different type of mobile phones.

In 2010, Ethan Marcotte, a famous web designer has introduced with the term “responsive web design. He in his article on “A list Apart” discussed in detail about the fast changing environment of orientations, screen sizes, browsers, and devices. According to him, it is not possible to build separate sites for different type of mobile phones. As an alternate he introduced the concept of “responsive web design” in which fluid and flexible layouts are introduced that are flexible for almost all screen types.

The development principles:

There are three development principles that responsive design consists and if you want your website to work properly on every screen type, then it is necessary to implement all three of them:

  1. Media queries
  2. Fluid grids
  3. Flexible media and images

Why responsive web design is important in 2018?

responsive web design tips

  1. It’s a new type of web designing:

A few decades before it has been just a simple HTML webpage, but with the rapid change in web design field, we are now in the era of responsive web design. Today, responsive designing is considered as the best and the most powerful web design concept in the world of web development. The websites in which this concept is used can be accessible to all types of devices.

  1. It gives best UX:

Whether you are a business owner or a web designer your main aim is to enrich the visitor’s experience. All they need is to make visitors satisfied and happy with their website. The responsive web design gives the visitor extreme comfort and an amazing experience.

Whether you are using a mobile, tablet, laptop or a desktop you will get the same comfortable feeling while surfing the webpage. Therefore, if you really want to give your visitors best then it is necessary to rely on responsive design with close eyes.

  1. It will keep you stand out in the web design world:

The web designing world is full of competition and if you want to stay ahead in this tough competition, then it is necessary to change your website to responsive websites instead of old HTML webpage. All you need is to find a good and professional web designer who has expertise in responsive web designs and can give your webpage a new and comfortable look.

  1. Responsive designs are easy to manage:

According to a lot of designers responsive web design is best for the lazy people. They are not only easy to manage but also fairly simple. In responsive websites, there is no need of building and maintaining different websites for desktop and mobile phone.

All you have to do is to give your time to single website and keep on updating the things without any tension and worries. They are simple to operate and handle. All you need is to know about the basics of web designing so that you can do troubleshooting by yourself without any help.

benefits of responsive web design

  1. Cost effective:

According to new website owners this is one of the most expensive concepts, but on the other hand, according to people who already have a responsive website say that responsive web designis the real cost savings.

You don’t have to run again and again and spend huge amount towards a designer for fixing the website instead, you can do it by yourself just by going through some basics. Therefore, it is considered as the best and most cost effective options in 2017.

The Internet world is changing rapidly. Running a successful business is a lot more difficult as compared to before. It is full of challenges and competitions and if you want to be successful in the business world than it is necessary to make decisions fast; at least fast from your competitors.

If you spend some money today on responsive web design it will benefit you in the long term and keep yourself ahead from your competitors. Also, it is necessary to ask your web designer to keep your website up to date time to time.

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